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  • What does the fee cover?

    Your Vendor Fee covers everything but your flights. 

    • Room for up to two people
    • Transportation to and from Airport & Resort
    • Pre-Scheduled 25-minute meetings with every attendee
    • Access to Attendee Portal before, during & after event
    • Food & Beverage included
  • What's the event portal?

    The Portal is your 1 stop shop to success. Unlock the power of connection and collaboration.

    Key Features for Buyers and Vendors:

    Comprehensive Contact Info: Seamlessly access attendee contact information, making it easier than ever to connect with potential partners and send/receive samples pre-event.

    Company Insights: Gain valuable company insights at your fingertips. Explore the backgrounds, strengths, and specialties of fellow attendees, helping you identify ideal business matches.

    Buying and Selling Interests: Sharpen your focus with insights into attendees' buying and selling interests. Discover potential collaborations that align with your business goals.

    Meeting Reviews: Leave meeting reviews, fostering transparency and trust within the community. 


  • Vetting Process

    Angle34 collects basic company info that we will be collecting from every attending company. This information stays with Angle34 only. We ensure every company involved is a valid business by asking for business/tax ID numbers, company history & references (proof of past or current business relationships).


  • How do I attend?

    There's many ways to attend our show!

  • What will my week look like?