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Our next Event is coming soon in 2024!

Angle34: The Future of Networking

Step into a networking event that breaks the mold. Say goodbye to the chaos of traditional conventions and hello to an event where quality trumps quantity. We're flipping the script on networking by offering pre-scheduled meetings, an innovative attendee portal delivering instant access to company profiles, and inclusive transportation. No more uncertainty, no more overwhelming crowds. Our event is a haven for meaningful interactions that empower your business. Join us and experience the future of B2B networking. 

Why we stand out

1-on-1 Meetings

Elevate Your Connections. Angle34 offers exclusive pre-scheduled 1-on-1 meetings between vendors and buyers, tailored to your needs. Forge meaningful partnerships, explore collaborations, and discover opportunities firsthand.

Attendee Portal

Keep track of everything at a glance with our Attendee Portal; who's attending and your gateway to streamlined interactions. Take control of your networking journey with easy access to crucial resources and personalized features.


Enjoy an all-inclusive experience, including a room throughout your stay. Your home away from home awaits, ensuring a seamless and relaxing journey from start to finish.

Food & Beverage

Connect over a business lunch or dinner to provide the perfect backdrop for networking and fostering new relationships.

  • What does the fee cover?

    Your Vendor Fee covers everything but your flights. 

    • Room for up to two people
    • Transportation to and from Airport & Resort
    • Pre-Scheduled 25-minute meetings with every attendee
    • Access to Attendee Portal before, during & after event
    • Food & Beverage included
  • What's the event portal?

    The Portal is your 1 stop shop to success. Unlock the power of connection and collaboration.

    Key Features for Buyers and Vendors:

    Comprehensive Contact Info: Seamlessly access attendee contact information, making it easier than ever to connect with potential partners and send/receive samples pre-event.

    Company Insights: Gain valuable company insights at your fingertips. Explore the backgrounds, strengths, and specialties of fellow attendees, helping you identify ideal business matches.

    Buying and Selling Interests: Sharpen your focus with insights into attendees' buying and selling interests. Discover potential collaborations that align with your business goals.

    Meeting Reviews: Leave meeting reviews, fostering transparency and trust within the community. 

  • Vetting Process

    Angle34 collects basic company info that we will be collecting from every attending company. This information stays with Angle34 only. We ensure every company involved is a valid business by asking for business/tax ID numbers, company history & references (proof of past or current business relationships).

  • What will my week look like?


  • How do I attend?

    Reach out to our team at 866-936-9378 or